The simplest of things!

As a professional songwriter, performer, and with part-time interests in art, design, all kinds of making, animation, film and photography I would have defiantly called myself a person of the arts, but that was about to change when I took a short sabbatical from the music industry in 2013 to start a foundation course in Art and Design. Until 2013 I thought life in general was becoming a bit repetitive and as a teacher myself I felt I was not learning any thing new, I felt on top of my game having successfully released an original album and received healthy PRS payments from regular radio plays, I felt I could appreciate a work of art when I sore it, how wrong I was. For a year full-time I was subjected to endless art gallery visits, wonderful mind expanding talks on various artists old and new, and been encouraged to become child like again, to experiment with theories, materials and not be worried about making a complete fool of myself. I can honestly say that doing a Foundation Course in Art was the best thing I ever did.

I am now on a new journey and have decided to study artist/Maker BA/Hons Cardiff Met and continue and expand my journey into the world of Art. We recently went on a visit to Cardiff  Museum to find two objects/paintings that we felt most inspired by. I was shocked at my choices and how my perception, knowledge and mind chatter is so different in a very positive way. I no longer look at an object/ painting/ installation/ film or photograph and see it as two-dimensional, I really see it now. I will consider many factors such as concept, materials, religious impact, theories, social impact, the list is endless.

For my two pieces, I choose:

Great European Spruce Beetle, no bigger than 3mm it’s so small, and insignificant but this small insect can cause major destruction. I am in awe of how very small this beetle is and what it is capable of, a classic example of not making an assumption that’s due to its size it isn’t a real threat, because it is!

spruce beetle

Great European Spruce Beetle


My second choice was Edmund de Waal- Porcelain Wall 2005

It is an amazing display of 224 porcelain glazed cups arranged in 14 rows by 16. Each cup is glazed with a variety of 17 glazes all giving of a different shade of white. Every cup is marked in a very subtle way, even though it is subtle and soft it has a very dynamic impact to the viewer. This is a classic example of Edmund de Waal giving space for the observer to create what it may mean with them. This piece I am sure will resonate differently for different people, but for me it appeared to be about human kind and how we all are marked in very different ways although we are all made up of the same things.

I like the simplicity, how basic it appears and the cleanliness of the piece yet it allows space for the observer to create the concept.

porcelain wall

Andrew de Waal


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