Enhancing human kind and cyborgs

I recently sat in on a conversation with a few colleagues who attended The Makers fair in Rome 2014. I was in awe of what they discussed, 3d printing food, humanoid robots, and the first human cyborg. The cyborg had an implant that was surgically inserted into his brain, it had a vision apparatus attached where he could view colours, apparently he was colour blind. I was not there and do not have any literature or links to back this up, but still all sounded really exciting, and similar to something that I would like to create, although not vision but sound related.

To make the marketing statement of the first ever cyborg is a very impressive statement, but I am afraid very untrue. There are many cyborgs walking around us every day, such as humans with pace makers, electronic voice boxes, artificial knee,s etc. For your informative decision in this discussion, the definition of a cyborg is,  a fictional or hypothetical person whose physical abilities are extended beyond normal human limitations by mechanical elements built into the body. So I think we can agree most defiantly not the first ever human cyborg.

I suffer with a condition called Dystonia and through various societies and support groups I have had the pleasure in knowing some really inspiring people who without Deep Brain Stimulation  would not be able to lead a normal life. DBS is a surgical procedure in which electrodes are inserted into the brain. These electrodes are then connected to a battery usually implanted in the chest or in the abdomen. The battery operates similarly to a pacemaker delivering targeted electrical pulses to the brain that block the signals that cause the symptoms of dystonia.

How amazing is technology, science and human kind that together we can invent such amazing creations.

I plan to add to the world of cyborgs with an invention that will help people with Vocal dystonia, who are not offered DBS.


My journey begins with cymatics, and frequencies  and lots of making.


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