Making Sound Visible

I have been a professional singer/ songwriter for 20 years, so music and sound has been an integral part of my life. I am aware that sound can have very strong effects on our emotions, when different notes and chords are played they alter your emotional mood. Major and minor chords have opposite emotions, one will have an up lifting positive effect while the other will make you melancholy and negative.

I have discovered that atoms, cells and matter surrounding us are constantly making beautiful geometric patterns in resonance with frequency, music and sound, this phenomenon is called Cymatics. It is happening inside our bodies and it is happening in our surrounding atmosphere.

Frequencies and sound are used everyday in health care, science and technology.

DaVinci and Galileo often used various frequency patterns in there works on churches, one being The Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland visit link.

Ernst Chaldni was a musician and physicist, his most well know discovery was vibrational patterns of sand/ salt formatting on plates, they are now know as Chaldni Figures click here to view Chaldni Video.

In 1680 Robert Hook discovered the phenomenon by using a violin bow and placing flour and sand onto a plate then running a violin bow along the side of the plate, it created various patterns which were to become known as Nodel Patterns.

For a more up to date study visit link Seeing Sound a thesis written by Stephen Lewis. Evan Grant has a detailed Ted Talk please visit link, Making Sound visible through Cymatics.

John Stuart Reid did a lecture that was filmed in 2006, please visit link, The Shape of Sound.

In The New scientist 12th April 2013 addition there was a study reported called Sounds Like a Brainwave. January 2014 latest research from Science Daily, Discovery of Quantum Vibrations in Microtubules inside Brain Neurons Supports controversial Theory of Consciousness.

At present The University of Bristol, Dept. of Computer Science are making some excited discoveries. Research is being led by Dr Ben long, they are creating 3d virtual touch ultra sound, all this is possible because of frequencies.Please visit link to see video.

Frequency and sound has many uses, in the video below they demonstrate sonic levitation.

All this research backs up my theory that everything has a frequency, and is vibrating in order for the universe to communicate with all and everything, order and chaos in space and time.

Even though I am extremely interested in the science aspect, my focus for my first term in my Degree will be to create a body of works that demonstrates the beauty and power of sound and frequency.


I am currently working on Rhino and Photoshop to create a 3d printable sculpture and graphic artwork that will be a representation of the Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies they consist of various frequencies that are reported to be linked to aspects of our surrounding world and our emotional and structural cell make up.

Cymatic pattern in Rhino then printed in MakerBot
Cymatic pattern in Rhino then printed in MakerBot




3d printable STL file.

656.37hz 3d sphere CS4

I have discovered some amazing graphic work by Tom Beddard, Faberge Fractals the below images are only graphic images and are not physical. I would like to create a physical body of works similar to the below pictures, in 3d print, ceramic’s, plastics/glass and metals.

tom beddard 1 tom beddard 2 tom beddard 3 tom beddard 4


I am starting to look at the effects of frequency on the inside of the body I have come across some fascinating research in how our cells communicate through frequency. Take a look at this paper written by Matthias Shneider, Boston University, Can Cells Signal each other via Sound Waves? This new information has lead me to research EEG systems and brain wave technology. I have just purchased a pair of Necomimi ears which have a brainwave detector in built and also Mind wave by Neurosky I plan to extract the brain sensor and attach to arduino board to create an interactive head piece . I first came across this technology at The Gadget Show 2013 they were demonstrating brain reactive clothing.

I would like to create a piece of art that is wearable to demonstrate the frequency cell communication. The piece would be made up of polymer rods, that are heated into a wave shape and joint together by cells, made from glass balls, led lights would be passing through the rods and glass. I aim for the piece to be brain sensory and make sound and light in relation to the brain activity. Please see video Neurotiq 


The piece of brain sensory technology inserted into this piece is called Emotiv Epoc.I hope that over my three years at university I will be able to do some future work with Emotiv. Mickey Hart and Dr. Adam Gazzaley have been working with Emotiv please have a look at this lecture



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BA (Hons) Fine Art. I use a Multi Disciplinary approach to create my work. I use Science, Technology and Art to inspire my process and create my work.

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