Unseen City 2

On my Art foundation I discovered a passion for printing. I love the way that when silk screen printing images they may develop broken variable textures. I also enjoyed being able to replicate the foundation and change each one to be individual mixing printing with water and acrylic paints. Since joining Fine Art I have chosen Printing as my media choice for my field subject The City. I have chosen The Hidden City as my theme. I am interested in the unseen and what happens in the empty space around us. The infrastructures of communication within nature that are being created all the time. I am aware of energy, frequency,and atom, ghosting, imprinting within the space around us past future and present that occurs.

In my print work I have been exploring various methods of how to print the ghost print which is left after the first screen print has been taken.

Keeping GHOST print


I want to create an infrastructure from some kind of thread. Creating an organised chaos with tension. if you were to cut one thread the whole structure would collapse. I have found some inspirational works that create a tension.  GABRIEL DAWE   tomas Saraceno

A technique that I would like to try is oil transfer drawing, it was developed by Paul Klee and used on Dance of the Moth. He copied an existing drawing onto tracing paper, then cover a piece of thick japan paper with black oil paint and waited until it was close to dry. He would then trace the drawing onto it so that it would pick up the black paint unevenly.


Because of the project brief, The hidden City, I have became aware of how effected I am by all the various noises, energy and frequencies and how overbearing and overstimulating it can be. I have a place close to the city that I go which helps me rebalance and I would like to incorporate this in my piece. I found this piece of work by Tomas Saraceno which resonates for me. The piece of pure nature is enclosed inside a bubble of protection whilst still being connected to its outside surroundings, represented by the string.



Through out my experience as a developing artists I have become aware that as you begin to create your piece of work, you may feel that it is completely unique, but as soon as you begin to research you will discover that there will be many works of art that are similar to yours. I feel it is important to stay true to your ideas even if there are works out there that are similar.

I discovered Tomas Saraceno Biosphere after I had sketched out my finished plan for a 3d printed piece of work. Due to lack of time I decided to stay with my idea but add another aspect of my project with many printed pieces added to the collection.

Screen printing, mono printing with acrylic paint, using various materials for printing textures, sculpture, spray painting, oil transfer drawing and collage was used for these works. All works were created with materials found in the city. I used my technique in ghost printing, which is to print the residue image from mono print, this creates a lovely ghosting effect of the silhouettes. All pieces are A1 size.


Finished works – Unseen City 2

unseen connection a4 unseen connections

unseen connection 7unseen connection 6

unseen connection 2 a4 unseen connections5


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