My brief for this particular piece of work is The City. Its a rather broad brief but I want to let this project/ brief organically grow, and resonate with my experience of The City. I have travelled extensively and I have visited many cities such as San Fransisco, Stockholm, Berlin, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, and more closer to home Bristol and obviously Cardiff.

Whenever I am in the city I hear the traffic, trains, transport and people talking. Then there is another type of sound that is probably electrical currents. All the various conversations that people are having mould together to create a mass of sound that you cannot decode, because it turns into a vibrational hum. Whenever I am in a city I always feel drawn to the nearest park, or green and thats where I can re balance myself. A place of balance for me is Sophia gardens, and the Taff Trail. Its a wonderful place because you can feel the stillness and you can still sense the buzz and energy of the city on the outside, almost like your in a bubble of protection.

I took myself and my camera onto the taff trail, and into the City Centre, I bagan to watch people, and how they connect with each other and their surroundings. It interests me that we can sometimes feel alone, and people can appear to be alone, but the truth is we are never alone we are all connected, through the energy, light, frequencies etc. As we all move around our environment we leave an imprint of ourselves, almost like a computer leaves a data trail.

I have been looking at Stephen Wilats work and I really like how he uses a mapping system in his work and how he shows the connections. I also have been listening to John Cage and his sounds of city.

Stephen Wilats

Stephen Wilats

Brentford-Towers-0004 stephen wilats_jpg_320x640_q85









I have decided that the piece should be a large piece so that the viewer can be immersed into it but I only want the imprint to be seen, the trail left behind as we move around our world. I want to create the interaction and connectivity on another layer, to represent that the activity and process is happening in another dimension/atmosphere. I also plan to use script and spoken words on the piece from conversations I have listened to throughout the city. Below are other inspiring pieces of work, I particularly like Tomas piece that splays out into the other walls almost growing into its surrounding environment, it is almost like you can see the interaction has become physical. The text picture is of interest because the text also looks like a data map.

gordon2 tomas Saraceno



To create this piece I am using many images from photographs I took in coffee shops, parks and on the street around the City. I have used various processes in photoshop and also illustrator, to create an effect that will look like a giant mapping system up close, but from a distance you will be able to see its image in full. The file is a vector file that has had edges curved and can be blown up to a very large size of above 2m sq. in between the spaces of the mapping there will be a medium that will create a representation of the connections.

I am creating a sound file using all the recordings from the city and editing them in Cubase to create the hum of the city. this process will create some interesting results because when two identical frequencies are play at the same time they move in space and can also cancel each other out. There will be speakers placed behind and in front of the piece playing the sound file.

Work Piece to date below:  Imprints- The Unseen City.

work in progress

work in progress


Close up

field city 2


The Outcome:

I decided to present my work on a fabric printed canvas. The canvas has a texture of inter woven threads replicating  how we inter weave with everything that is around us.

The piece is 1.5 meters wide x 1 meter length. The file that I have created a vector file so that the piece can be blown up to around 5 meters but due to costs I have kept it to 1.5meters.

The fabric had to be steamed and washed after print, and in the wash the dye ran a little. The running of the dye worked really well, giving the piece texture and depth to the surrounding areas of the forms.

I created an audio file to be played in the background of 7 different city recordings all mixed into the one file creating an audio chaos effect.

The feedback from my fellow students and tutors was positive.

The illustration, photography, photoshop design approach is something I will use again in my art practice.


Designed by Lianne Morgan

Fabric print


Whilst working through this piece it has become apparent that the main message of this work is to bring to the viewers attention the effect our bodies have on the space around us. As we move from one space to another we are changing and forming the atoms, almost like a computer and a mind holds memories the space we move in will hold our body imprint, and energy field.

To progress this piece I would like to create the images in a solid 3d form and randomly suspend them via fishing wire or string in an open box frame with a depth of 1 meter. The string will be creating a tension and connection between the forms.


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