Interactive Map – Migration

Interactive 3d map pieces

Interactive 3d map pieces


Interactive 3d map: Migration.

What happens when you put a Designer, Fine artist, Product Designer, and Illustrator together ? Chaos some might think, but with the right team dynamics some great things can be achieved. Every person from each discipline had a very different way of communicating their art work, story, and purpose.

After a few brain storming sessions we decided to create an interactive map of Cardiff City, each district would be a separate piece and would be put together in a similar way to a jigsaw puzzle. The purpose of this interactivity would be to broaden understanding of getting around Cardiff and what it has to offer. A few people were asked to write onto Japanese folded maps their favourite places and what they had done there, leaving the maps there for others to look and learn from other peoples experiences. These messages can be changed and updated at any time keeping the map information current.

Each district was covered with leaflets, magazines and brochures found around the city, using found items from the relating districts to use as decoration.

The map would be something that could be used in schools, colleges, and universities to help gain knowledge and information on the surroundings.

The map is defiantly something I would like to expand on in the future.





Please click link to PDF presentation to open.

Presentation-map Group-Field-2 3




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