Turning your Art into wallpaper and fabric print.

I have booked my very first trade stall at an event that has a 30,000 foot fall per day, nothing like a bit of pressure.

I am in the process of turning some of my prints and paintings into wallpapers and textile prints.

frequency 9

My screen prints based on atoms in response to sound.
My screen prints based on atoms in response to sound.


Teaching myself this skill has been laborious and boring, no where near as stimulating as throwing paint about and mixing up strange chemicals to see what textures they create, but the results are phenomenal and I am really pleased.


Step 1 –  was to watch as many youtube tutorials as I could find but surprisingly there weren’t that many

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3sQJtA1Jao this one however was by far the best.

Step 2. To research on European and American sizes of wallpaper, this varies American 27 inches x 27 feet and European 21.5 x 33 feet. My wallpaper pieces have been set to 54.61 cm x 150cm.

Step 3.  To learn exactly which pieces of paper would have to match up when hanging. Split them into mathematical pieces.

Step 4. To search for local print companies and print up a demo roll to take to the trade fair.

Step 5. To collect a list of companies to send out samples.

wallpaper demo curve close up


Based on sound, frequency, and cymatic data.
Based on sound, and frequency using the method called Cymatics.

The finishing results have defiantly been worth the time and effort.




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BA (Hons) Fine Art. I use a Multi Disciplinary approach to create my work. I use Science, Technology and Art to inspire my process and create my work.

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