Review 2015

Its been a year since starting my Degree in Art and Design, even though at times I have felt it a complete waste of time looking back through my many note books I have gained a lot of knowledge. I have questioned how will I make a living from my art creations?  This question alone has taken my head in many directions and given me headaches. Should I become one of those people who appear at different craft fairs selling things that you put into the cupboard and don,t need, should I stay true to my art and only aim for high brow exhibitions, do I create an interactive informative art program that I can deliver to young people in order to capture their interest in the art field, do I make jewellery, should I make greeting cards and sell them to shops, shall I create wallpaper and textile prints and sell the patterns to stores and designer guilds, shall I stick with what I know and continue to make music? All of this time whilst I am asking these questions to myself I am looking after my two children, running a house, working in my part time job, looking after ageing parents and attending University full time.

I have created a collection of wallpapers, designed a collection of lazer cut table mats, worked two full weeks on a young persons music program delivering music and performance courses, taken my two young children on three camping holidays, and attended my first craft show.

I set myself a really big challenge of having to create a whole collection of household items, such as antler light shades, door knob faces and hands, a collection of greeting cards, a selection of wallpapers and all my paintings and prints framed and ready to exhibit. I didn,t quite achieve my goal as it was set very high but the pieces of work I did exhibit and sell were a collection of movable characters I had created, a collection of dragons eyes, hand crafted and designed into jewellery pieces, and a few bespoke hats and headpieces. The craft show was a really good tool in learning how to price your items and also really helpful to get dialogue from your future customers about what kind of things they were looking for. It was a successful weekend and the more expensive items that did not sell were taken by a lady who had just recently opened a shop and happened to be looking for exactly the type of creations I had made. So my work is now being distributed through a shop, which I have to say, has done wonders for my creative confidence.

Here is a selection of items and creations from my first craft show


Dragon eye jewellery, hand painted eyes.


Ceramic hearts with space for messages inside

thumb_tree nerves1_1024

Card design



Professor Gogglehoff from a collection of hand puppets I created made with Wendy Froud.


Gollaff, a two foot movable doll made for still frame film making.


Character door knob and wall creatures.

Wallpaper/ fabric print based on sound, and frequency.















After my first year and with all the questions I asked myself my future forecast is:

To continue with my wallpaper and fabric print designing

Aim to do 2 craft shows per year

1 exhibition per year would be great

Design a collection of jewellery pieces

Continue writing my project on Making Sound Visible

Applications to use: Aurasma, Skantect, Meshmixer, Rhino

Societies: European Art and Science Network, Hack Space,

Social Media Platforms: Behance, Shapeways, Mailchimp, Hootsuite, Manage Flitter, Instagram, Pintrest, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google +

Future Shows: Ideal Homes Exhibition, Saatchi Gallery, New, Dezeen Magazine.

Look into, Augmented reality, Big Data, IFTTP making the internet work for you, and Geo Cashing, its going to be another big year of learning new skills.

Bring it On !


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