Process- Skin and Bone

Summer 2015 was a wash out in the UK and if your a mum with two young children looking for reasonable priced holidays camping is a very popular option, so off we went in our retro 70s folding caravan looking for excitement and also a little artistic stimulation.

Our first trip was a week at the very busy Royal Welsh, with over 100,000 footfall it was quite an exciting place to be, lots of interesting new businesses showcasing their new products and services and also some amazing farm animals, breed to reach ultimate perfection, all competing against one another to win their rosette. I was intrigued by the superficial element and how only the body of the animal is of any value, so I decided to focus on the most basic of all, skin and bone. I created a sculpture of skin and bone using paper clay, acrylic paint, plastic coating and wood.

Skin and bone

Sculpture – Skin and Bone made from wood brushed with oil paints and chalk, paper clay painted with acrylic and varnish


Sculpture – Skin and Bone


animal skin/paper clay

I created a pig skin from paper clay.

Edited photo by LM

Photography by Lianne Morgan- Skin and Bone

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