Putting your Art out there!

I find myself reflecting on what does it mean to be a fine artist? It is so broad and covers so many disciplines, such as sonic, installation, interactive, film, photography, sculpture, paint, the list goes on. I regularly visit exhibitions, and think why is this fine art, how did it get exhibition space and support?  The most recent one I visited was Richard Long -Time and Space .

richard long

I examined his formations of various materials and gestural markings. So many people can just look at an exhibition and think, how interesting that someone thinks in that way, but unfortunately for me, my brain will ask questions such as, what is its purpose, why has this been chosen to take up so much space in a gallery, how will the audience benefit from this exhibition?  Most of the time my questions are not answered. I am sure that many of you reading this will agree that some exhibitions and over paid and under paid artists have very little to offer in regard to intellectual content , they only offer the audience an aesthetically pleasing view. Over the past few years I have soaked up all the lectures, discussed and wrote essays on various artists techniques and approaches. I tried to understand the artists such as Paul Klee and Jackson Pollock and I succeeded, beneath the splashes of Pollock is a system called Fractals. I no longer look at these paintings as if they were done by a man deranged, and had nothing else to offer than colour injections. They are the visions of a forward thinker being communicated to us via image.

After all my studies I am confident in knowing that to be an artists is to be a forward thinker, to think things that others have never thought and to make those discoveries or visions in any way possible so your audience can experience. Whatever medium you choose to communicate your discoveries to your audience, remember never to loose the idea along your journey of process.

The question lies in WHY are you creating this work, WHAT is your/its purpose, WHERE and HOW will you transpose or exhibit its content. Will it be interactive, online, in a gallery, do you need permission from local authorities etc, and the other question is WHEN?

When exhibiting within a gallery you are reliant on gallery staff to understand and be able to know its purpose, which will be difficult to manage. When a curator is gathering new art work for an exhibition within a museum or art gallery, its helpful to find out what their objective for the exhibition maybe, they will have limitations such as only excepting Welsh artists or artists of certain religious backgrounds. An example is East meets West, Saatchi Gallery London 26th N0v 2014-3rd March 2015.postpopOnce you have done your research and found out the necessary information you can adapt your proposal to suit. 

Having your own professional platform is a necessity if you are planning on becoming a professional artists, designer. Make sure that your platform/ web presence is projecting the above in WHY, WHAT, WHERE, HOW, WHEN. Making your platform interactive and engaging with your audience is important it will help create big data and make search engines recognise your URL before others. Something I have been interested in is Geocaching,  a recreational treasure hunt with GPS tracking,it used to be called GPSstash hunting which has grown in popularity through social media, info on Geo caching.

There are many social media tools to use such as Mailchimp and  Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a platform where you can manage your Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Facebook, Youtube among others. Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram are really good platforms to create new audiences. An Etsy, and Amazon shop would be a great place to enable your new audience to purchase your work. The Saatchi Gallery have a platform for new artists to upload their work, these are mainly paintings and prints. New Designers have an annual exhibition where you can apply to show your work.

Although I am on BA (hons) Fine art and whilst on foundation in my first year I experimented with painting, prints, sonic art, photography and sculpture, I have journeyed through various materials, and methods I still do not see myself as a fine artists, although I value the ability to create a concept. I see myself as a designer with an ability to create my own resourceful content. The modules I have chosen have helped me gain skills that would be required for a product designer such as 3d printing, scanning, CAD, electronic design and programming.

When joining my course I had a vision of creating something that would be able to cross boundaries from fine art to clinical innovations. It is important to me that my work and invested time create works of purpose and function within my environment and community. I am now on course and working on Brain Computer Interface that will transpose brain waves into music, or frequencies. I can generate art work from found results, and throughout the process. When the design is finished I may use Kickstarter and  Crowdfunding to take my project further, or apply for a research grant.


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