Arefact Response in Ceramic

Chosen artefact is Richard Deacons- Empirical Jungle.


Richard Deacon (1949)

I wanted to replicate the structure.

I created some extrusions, as shown below.


I created 5 half circle shapes, which were hollow on the inside, making the sculpture weak. I propped up the unsupported sections with newspaper.

I had been spraying water onto it every few days but due to the waiting time for a kiln unfortunately the sculpture was cracked and broke.


Attempt 2 : I used a different structure using a centre balance to support and solid clay, not extrusion.

I then created a glaze.

Finished Piece.



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BA (Hons) Fine Art. I use a Multi Disciplinary approach to create my work. I use Science, Technology and Art to inspire my process and create my work.

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