Process for Response

I have chosen Artefact Empirical Jungle by Richard Deacon, 2003 to use in my creative process.

Richard Deacon uses metaphorical references in movement, material and process, and then implements them methodically to create his pieces.

According to Art Fund, The National Fundraising Charity for Art, each section was created by hand with Richard Deacon and a team of collaborators. I wanted to know what technique would have been used to create these almost pipe like sections. Clare Curneen a ceramists who had pieces in the show Fragile at Cardiff Museum along side Richard Deacon, shared her insight with me and thought it may be a technique called extrusion.

It was very difficult to find any information on this piece of work so I contacted Richard Deacon  who kindly sent his catalogue.



First Response: Sketch made from physical presence. Energy flow within negative space.


Sketch concentrating on the overlapping sections, artwork to high light the mix of energies within the material. Cellular content.

I considered staying with the mixing energies and was going to use intertwining bodies –CLICK HERE.


Making the extrusion


Extrusion sculpture made crumbled and collapsed


Exploring other materials, demonstrating the extrusion structure. This material will have a different cellular pattern.

wood anatomy

Molecule structure of wood.


This is Richard Deacons piece without glaze and you can see it isn,t made from sections of extrusion.


This was made using a wire frame and also cracked.


Molecule Structure of Clay.

Ceramic – response- I used solid ceramic sections with supports.

I wanted to create a similar glaze to Empirical Jungle by using two glazes.

Artefact Response in Steel process.

Steel response working with negative space of Empirical Jungle Structure.


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