Process for Sound of the Brain

I used still jpegs taken from video I created below.

I used illustrator, photoshop and bamboo graphic pen to create separate files for each wave.


Brain waves

Brain waves

SeparateBrain wave activity file

SeparateBrain wave activity file


There are 8 brain waves recorder as :

  1. High Gamma
  2. High Alpha
  3. High Beta
  4. Delta
  5. Theta
  6. Low Gamma
  7. Low Beta
  8. Low Alpha

I plan to create a cube 13cm x 13cm x 13cm which will consist of 50 3mm 13cm x 13cm plexi glass sheets, all with brain wave laser etched into glass.

I found that the rastor setting was a clearer etch when set at 60 speed.

I will use Araldite epoxy adhesive to connect the sheets together.

Test run

Test run



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