Process for Response with Brain Computer Interface

Having worked through the idea of cellular response to its environment within Wood, Steel, Ceramic sculpture.

Response 3.

Click here for process of -3 Response Steel

Click here for process-3 Response in Ceramic

I have found a process where I can get closer to the source of my concept being every atom, cell and thought have their own sonic signature and finding ways to record and demonstrate this in sound and visuals.


Click here for Brain Computer Interface process

Click here for Brain recording video


Brain Activity
Still jpegs taken from video.

Click here for Laser Cutting and creating Wallpaper from Brain frequency data.

Click here Turning Brain Frequencies, Audible and Visual.



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BA (Hons) Fine Art. I use a Multi Disciplinary approach to create my work. I use Science, Technology and Art to inspire my process and create my work.

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