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Connecting the blue smirf RN-42 to Arduino was straightforward. The blue smirf will allow communication to be received from the mindwave mobile to  Arduino.

Having not been able to successfully connect mindwave mobile to my mac I am hoping that this blue smirf will allow communication to my Mac happen.

Having connected the blue smirf and downloaded the arduino management platform, I decided to experiment a bit with Arduino code so I connected a piezo speaker and coded it to beep and buzz.

 I have successfully installed the blue smirf and I am able to code via Arduino but to connect mindwave mobile I have to purchase a sparkfun level converter. I have ordered this item and it has not yet arrived, with only 8 weeks to the exhibition I am planning on presenting my work via video rather than performance, due to the unpredictability in the technology.

Link here to the video instructions on how to connect Arduino to mindwave mobile.

Click here for the PDF instructions via Neurosky arduino – to mindwave



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