About Lianne Morgan.

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I began my working life as an apprentice at a Structural Engineering Company, I attended college to study for BTEC and HNC in Structural Engineering. I went on to work as a Draughtsperson mainly using the old technique of manually drawing the plans on a drawing board. In 1990 the industry was moving into using Computer Aided Design for all their design purposes, and the programs were very basic and time-consuming, I felt at that time it took away the craftsmanship I had learnt and we were being replaced by machines so in 1991 I left to follow my ambition of becoming a professional singer/songwriter, which was something I had done as a hobby since the age of 12.

I became a professional singer/songwriter and released songs and albums in the charts and dance charts from 1992 to 2012. After many years of traveling and a successful career as a singer, I settled into a full-time job in 1998 working for a musical development program run by the government called New Deal for Musicians. My job was to review and develop new musicians to create and source job opportunities for them. In 2001 I set up my own performance school called Stage C.A.M.P Cardiff Academy of Music and Performance, I had many performances and music programs running in various locations and Schools in South Wales. The projects I created gave young people opportunities to write and stage their own musicals under the guidance of a creative team. The company went from strength to strength and help develop the musical and performance skills of over 3000 young people aged between 7-18 between 2001 – 2013.

In 2013 I decided to embark on a Foundation Course in Art and Design with the objective in adding new creative techniques to my knowledge base. Unaware of where this new knowledge would take me, I progressed to BA Hons in Fine Art. I know have the ability to present my creative works, being music, art, and design with conceptual content.

In my design process, I use various sound software programs such as Ableton and Cubase, some are based on the architecture of sound such as Cymnascope. I use   Photoshop, and Illustrator for graphic work, Rhino 3d, and Grasshopper for product design work.

I produce artworks using a variety of materials and mediums, paint, print, 3d printing, 3d scanning, textiles, wallpaper and print designs, and graphic designs.I


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