Professional Development.

At the beginning of the academic year, I had my work exhibited at made in Roath, The Gate Keppoch Street, Cardiff. My work was No. 33 Visible Sound.

Since 1998 I have worked in youth development delivering Creative Arts projects in Music and Film. In 2015 I was contacted by a colleague who had been given the opportunity of managing a building in Grangetown, with the purpose of it providing opportunities for the community. He wanted me to set up a charitable organization with him and we would provide creative art projects. Unfortunately, my health took a turn in 2015 and I had to put things on hold. This year I have begun to reconnect with the people involved and we are discussing taking our plan forward. I wrote my dissertation on Improving a Healthy Society using Creative Arts which will assist in applying for funding, and grants to run Creative Art projects.

The company is going to be called Cardiff MAP (Music, art, Performance). I have bought the url and also designed logo, registered with Creative Cardiff and spoken with Arts Council Wales, I have also been speaking with the Director of Amelia Trust Farm in relation to hiring space from them to run projects within the Vale.

In Feb I attended the teaching fare at Cyncoed Campus and I have registered with ITN Mark Education. I have registered with the relevant teaching organizations and on leaving University I will be working as a cover supervisor, and teaching assistant, to fund my new business plans.

I would like to continue with creating art, exhibiting and selling it but I am aware that it is a very difficult industry to succeed in so I have made other plans as you have read above, that might be more financially rewarding. I do have plans to create a design business based on Interiors, creating paneling, fabric prints and wallpaper print. I attended the lecture that Sian Elin gave and it was very informative to my practice. She explained how to protect your designs using ACID  Anti Copying in Design, how to charge out your time as a textile and pattern designer, and also how licencing works within prints.

I have a contact with a company called Persona- ID who create visualizations for architects, interiors, we plan to collaborate on some designs and put them out to market.

Here are some designs:


Based on sound, frequency, and cymatic data.

644.42hz warped wave

I have been working at a professional design and ceramics studio creating a collection of work. I have calculated that I can create 20 pieces of work in 5 x 5 hour sessions cost £15 per session = £75, Firing 20 pieces £45 x 2 = £90, 4 bags of clay £40, my time 25 hours at £20ph = £500

Total £705 divide into 20 = £35.25 per piece.

Here is an example of some pieces.

I will be creating a Pinterest, twitter, facebook, youtube, Behance and company website and link them all via Hootsuite which is an online social media management platform. We will be attending the relevant trade shows.

I am now a full member of A.N and have UK are covered by Public & Products Liability insurance and Professional Indemnity insurance for their activity as an artist.

I have purchased and will be creating an artsist website, to include some of my best designs and work.