Lianne Morgan, Draughtswoman 1988


On leaving school Lianne began her working life as an Apprentice at a Structural Engineering  Company, she studied for a BTEC and HNC in Structural Engineering. Lianne went on to work as a Draughts-person mainly using the old technique of manually drawing the plans on a drawing board.  In the late 80,s the industry began moving further into using Technology and Computer-Aided Design but back then, the programs were very basic and time-consuming. Lianne felt that Technology removed the physical aspect of a pen to paper and the craftsmanship, so in 1990 she took a leap of faith and left her day job to follow her ambition of becoming a professional singer/songwriter. Having been involved in the music scene since the age of 12 she already had a portfolio of work.

She became a professional singer/songwriter, releasing songs and albums in the charts and dance charts from 1992 to 2012.

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After many years of traveling and a successful career as a singer, she settled into a full-time job in 1998 working for a musical development program run by the government called New Deal for Musicians. She managed the development of new musicians/ songwriters/bands/ DJs and singers and provided them with the relevant support and training needed to enter the Music Industry as a professional.

Liver picture of Lianne Morgan from the video Preacher Man from the TV program Shotgun.
The Project StageCAMP Cardiff Academy of Music and Performance

2001 Onwards

In 2001 Lianne set up a performance school called Stage C.A.M.P, Cardiff Academy of Music and Performances. The projects she created gave young people opportunities to write and stage their own musicals under the guidance of professionals within the music industry. The company went from strength to strength and helped develop musicals and performances with over 3000 young people aged between 7-18.

Giving Back

Between 1998 and 2016 Lianne developed and delivered many Creative Art and Music projects for Charities, Funding Bodies, Government Run Programs, Schools, and other Educational Organisations, with the aim of providing skills and qualifications within The Creative Arts and Music as well as improving, Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Lianne Morgan and a girl group she was teaching at Major Music. Performance was at St Donats Art Centre.
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2012 Onwards

In 2012 Lianne was diagnosed with a rare condition called Spasmodic Dysphonia, which affected her speech and made communication very difficult and painful. This experience forced her to take a break from her teaching and singing career and lead her back to her love of Art. She became a student and embarked on a Foundation Course in Art and Design with the intention of adding new creative techniques to her knowledge base. Unaware of where this new knowledge would take her, she continued her education and progressed to BA (hons) in Fine Art and then further on to a Master in Fine Art.

Fine Art

Lianne's development within Fine Art reignited her passion for sound and she began a journey of discovery and research, visualizing sound, and transposing sound into visuals. Lianne says "Word is not the only way we connect or communicate, we are connecting and communicating through a  universal language of frequency and vibration. The negative space is where the networks,  connections, and communications take place, the human eye is not developed to decode and visualize it, as an artist this is my objective."

Organised Chaos, ink water color on paper. Lianne Morgan 2021


Lianne says “Through the loss of my own voice, I began to experience synesthesia. Synaesthesia is a condition in which someone experiences things through their senses in an unusual way, for example, color as sound, music as color, or numbers as a position in space. I became aware that nonverbal and inaudible communication is taking place in the space around us and within us. My art process is based on my experience of sensual, embodied communication within the physical environment through cellular and molecular movement, vibration, and sound."

Lianne Morgan

"In my practice, I use a variety of processes to create my work which includes technology, science, and the more traditional approaches such as print, collage, photography, paint, sculpture, film, sound, music, and spoken word."