Every Cell, Atom, Molecule has its own sonic signature.

Your thought is emitting  energy patterns mixing with the cells, atoms, and molecules being recorded in matter and non matter, effecting the present, future to infinity.

Every cell, molecule, and atom in matter and non matter is responding, resonating a cause and effect.







Material Response 3 – Exhibit at The Blue Rooms
CERAMIC- Lianne Morgan-Response ceramic
Wood Response 3-Lianne Morgan
Steel Response 3- Lianne Morgan

Response Steel, Metal, Wood is an exploration of how energies are recorded within the different structural constructions of the materials. Each surface and structure is a representation of the materials ability to record energies.

Brainwave recordings from response to artefact- presented in time slides.

The brainwave recordings are of the brains response to artefact using hardware and software. Brain readings were converted into the relevant frequencies and then converted into visuals using the atom formation to the frequency.