Stage CAMP term pupils 2002.

StageC.A.M.P (Cardiff Academy of Music and Performance)

Stage C.A.M.P (Cardiff Academy of Music and Performance) was set up in 2001 by Lianne Morgan. Lianne's aim was to provide affordable and inclusive Music, Dance, Singing, and Acting tuition to young people aged 7-21.

Stage C.A.M.P (Cardiff Academy of Music and Performance) created and developed many performances, original musicals, and music programs running in various locations within Schools in South Wales. The projects that were created provided young people with opportunities to write and stage their own musicals under the guidance of professionals within the music industry.

The company went from strength to strength and helped develop musicals and performances with over 3000 young people aged between 7-21 years of age and many Stage (C.A.M.P) pupils went on to successful careers within the Art, Music, and Creative Sector.


Major Music

Major Music is a music project based in The Vale of Glamorgan that provides music and recording skills to young people aged 11-25. Lianne was part of The Major Music Team from 2010 to 2015 where she prepared and tutored young singers for live performances and provided further education and accredited qualifications within performance and music.

Major Music still provides tuition to young people and for anyone interested in finding out more please visit their Facebook Group here.

Lianne Morgan and a girl group she was teaching at Major Music. Performance was at St Donats Art Centre.

New Deal of Musicians

In 1999 Lianne managed a program called New Deal for Musicians, this program was something that was the brainchild of The United Kingdom government and provided funds to various professional musicians, songwriters, singers, DJs, and producers to provide mentoring in helping young people who were unemployed become a professional within the music industry.

Lianne mentored many up-and-coming singer/ songwriters and provided professional showcases for new talent to be discovered.

Yikes TV

Yikes TV was a filmmaking project that was funded by Bridgend Youth Services. Lianne worked on this project alongside other team members. She helped develop many films with young people not in education, young offenders, special educational needs, and young people with mental health issues. She continues to be passionate about filmmaking and providing a platform and a voice to people who might need an external medium such as a film to use as expression, connection, and communication.



Yikes Tv Project

Singing For Fun

Sing for Fun was a project aimed at people who didn't want to turn into professional performers, just come along have a sing-song, lift their spirits, and enjoy the benefits of meeting new people and exercising their lungs, and getting their bodies moving.

Sing for Fun was a project developed by Lianne to improve participants Health and Wellbeing through Singing and Music.

The Project was held in various venues throughout South Wales from 2008 - 2012.

Learn It, Play It, Gig It

Learn It, Play It, Gig It was a Creative Music Project for 11-25-year-olds created by Lianne Morgan and Rob Norris and funded by Bridgend Youth Services, and Major Music.
The project provided guitar, singing, music technology, drumming, keyboard lessons, rehearsal space, and music professional guidance over 30 x 3-hour sessions that would result in a live professional performance.