Gold Consciousness

Sound and Visual Digital Art with Acrylic Painting on Canvas.

Gold Consciousness

Chatting with Foxes Exhibition, Cardiff.

What is consciousness? Where is consciousness? Am I conscious?

My work explores the placement of the energy and metaphysical form of consciousness. The loss of consciousness is the loss of identity and connection.

Our consciousness is what makes us aware of oneself, it holds our memories, our sense of being, and our physical placement within our environment. Some philosophers argue that consciousness is not a physical phenomenon and must be somehow independent of our material, corporeal brains. The philosophers Freeman, Skrbina, Blaumauer, Alter & Nagasawa, Brüntrup & Jaskolla explore the potential of Panpsychism (all matter has an element of consciousness) and create an account of the emergence of human consciousness and to give a positive account of the intrinsic nature of matter.

This piece identifies with how our consciousness can create an alternative identity within the virtual world, and how our physical prescence and humanity is hijacked by the virtual.

My practice is informed by scientific evidence and research within the fields of physics, philosophy, neuroscience, and psychology.  

I use film, audio, installation, and mixed media in this work.