Visible Sound

A collection of Screen Prints

Visible Sound

Made in Cardiff, The Gate, Cardiff and CSAD, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cariff. 2017.

In this body of work I recreate Nodel Patterns, Cymatics and Chaldni Figures. These beautiful patterns are what matter, cells, and molecules are creating in responce to sound.

In 1680 Robert Hook discovered the phenomenon of visualizing sound by using a violin bow and placing flour and sand onto a plate then running a violin bow along the side of the plate, it created various patterns which were to become known as Nodel Patterns.

Ernst Chaldni was a musician and physicist. In 1787 he became known for his discovery, which was vibrational patterns of sand/ salt formatting on plates, they are now known as Chaldni Figures.

Hans Jenny was a physician and natural scientist, in 1967 he published The Study of the Wave Phenomena in which he established and described the process of Cymatics. Cymatics is the visualization of sound frequencies using fluids, powders, and various other materials. Click here to read the research paper on SEEING SOUND: HANS JENNY AND THE CYMATIC ATLAS By Stephen D. Lewis University of Pittsburgh, BPhil, 2010

John Stuart Reid is one of the most current researchers to be expanding the knowledge into Cymatics.  Click here on notes from his live interview in May 2016 John Stuart Reid interview 2016

 John Stuart Reid did a lecture that was filmed in 2006, please visit link, The Shape of Sound