Music - Licence

You might be wondering what do you need a licence for?

It's because music is protected by copyright, you need permission to use it from the artists who create it.

There are many different types of music licences you may need depending on your requirement such as using music online, live performances, releasing music products, sync licencing, radio broadcasting, tv broadcasting, and using music outside the UK. Click here to visit PRS for more information on types of licencing.

Please visit this helpful video by Gordon Firemark of Entertainment and Media Law to get more information on how to get permission to use a song in a film, commercial, video, and online.

All of Lianne Morgans's Music Catalog including Songs, Instrumentals, and Sound Art Installation pieces are copywritten with PRS and MCPS.

If you would like to use any of Lianne Morgans's Catalog of Music, please contact us.