Scuplture, Wood and Acrylic.


Shift Exhibition Space, Cardiff.

You think you are alone on this earth,
and what’s going on in your head is only yours, it's all about you and only you.
Your response to the material world that surrounds you, your conversion to the things that a loved one has said,
your perception of what all and everything means.
You often question why we have to endure the pain that loosing a loved one brings, is it a life lesson that our soul needs to learn, is it supposed to bring such intense physical pain?
You find yourself in a continual fight of surviving in a society that drives isolation and individualism. What happened to society, family, and community, and agreeing with our differences?
Did it get super-seeded by our leaders to make us weaker as ones, singular, individual, and autonomous?
“Look after yourself” you're told, but your heart says “What about my neighbor, friend, mother, father, if they are broken who looks out for them”?
You begin to wonder what ever happened to them, you haven’t seen them, where did they go?
They broke inside, they don’t conform, agree, abide by the rules, or look right, they don’t fit in and with
no family, no friends, and no community to look after them they get locked away. So you and I don’t have to witness the broken and the ugly, they get removed and you and I continue our lives and we can keep thinking I, me, oneself is all I need to survive.

You are wrong, we are all one big connection of energy and life force, we need each other to survive, we are stronger together. You breathe the same air as I do, you drink the same water as I do, and we look at the same Sun and Moon.

When I created these sculptures for the exhibition in October 2019, I did not realize how widespread and dominant the issue of social conformity and individualism was about to become.

This Body of work was created in October 2019 which is five months before our Global Pandemic Experience. My experience with Covid was one of separation from my loved ones, my community, and an exploration of my identity. The level of conformity we were all required to abide by, created division within homes and communities. The writings above are writings made in October 2019 whilst I was creating and processing the sculptures.

In these scultures I processed the idea of how we conform to be accepted in our society, communities, families, peer groups, and many social media platforms. In our society today, we often find ourselves ostracised when we begin to create our ideals and identities. Conforming to others' ideals creates tension within us and when the tension breaks something breaks within us leading us to isolate ourselves for safety and healing. Humans are built for connection, and purpose we thrive and grow within communities and we are stronger together. We are one consciousness.