Moving into the New Art Studio.

Looking for an affordable space for an Artist in a Central location is a challenge. I became a Facebook member of every local artist collective, and hub, I put my name on many waiting lists, I spoke to agents and I kept my ear to the ground on the local arts scene. Finally, in October 2020, mid-COVID lockdown, I moved into a studio space, sharing with another company, and I thought I had landed the perfect space. It was large and had fabulous light, heat, and a sink close by, perfect or so I thought. After paying out quite a substantial amount of money, on desks, furniture, rent, removal fees, etc. I began to sense that the company I was sharing with would not be there long and I would be left to sign a long expensive lease which at this starting point I could not do afford. Having only been there 6 months I was told that the sharing company was not renewing their lease which ended up costing me lots of time, energy, and around £1800. I then moved into a damp space which cost me a lot of my work, fabric went moldy, paintings developed a fungus, plus another load of money down the drain. At this point, I was so disheartened that I moved my studio back into a room within my home, if anyone works from home you will know that there are just too many distractions. I found that the commute enabled me to embody my artist identity and I missed this preparation and reflection time that was achieved whilst on my commute. Finally, in May 2023 the most brilliant space became available within a location and building I had wanted to be in way back in my early student days. It’s not huge, but it’s light, warm, and clean and I have the most amazing neighbours who are always at hand for a cup of tea and a chat.

I’m in good company in this building it’s full of fellow musicians and creatives and I can put my creative hat on and leave my home as a place where I switch off, and no one, not nothing will move me this time.

I am sure it won’t take me long to fill these walls and spaces.

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Fine Artist, Designer, Musician, BA (hons) MFA. Areas of practice are Sound & Visual Art Installations, Film Making, Sculpture, 3d design, Printmaking & painting.

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