An exploration of connection and communication without word or language.

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I have always used music and art as my medium of communication, it gave me a voice when my physical voice had failed me. The medium of art is what helped me stay connected to my environment. The intangible connection of the art to the viewer is where my exploration as an artist is focused. This focus has existed within my consciousness since I began singing professionally, I would often feel an exchange between myself, and the audience that was ethereal, something that you could not see, or hear but feel, and for me, these feelings began to visualise as colors, something I now know is called Synesthesia. Having had these experiences of connection I was aware that something takes place between all living organisms and I began to study this concept further. Having suffered with communication difficulties since 2010 I began to explore how we connect to each other and our environment without speech and I was guided to the subject of frequency and how our bodies and the Earth have their individual sonic signature, yes you heard me right, our cells and the Earth have their own sound which resonates with each other on levels a human ear cannot process.

You can read MIT Technology Review on Vibrating Cells here and you will find further information on the Schumann Resonance from Big Think here.

Even though I have proved to myself through years of research into science, physics, biology, and art that the real universal language is frequency, I felt compelled to further explore connections and communications without word and how this can support others who may be experiencing communication and disconnect from their environment. I approached Arts Council Wales with a view of creating a project that will create awareness, open dialogues and explore connections and communication without word and language, the final work will be curated as an exhibition. The Arts Council Wales agreed to support this work which will enable me to explore and develop a body of work and a program that will involve myself and others in exploring how we connect and communicate without using words and language. This project will be inclusive to others who suffer from various neurological conditions, sensory issues, hearing problems, language barriers, cultural differences, discrimination, alienation and mental health issues. It will be open to all ages and gender identification, all of which can cause communication barriers and social exclusion.

My aim for No Word is to raise awareness, open dialogues, discussions, and exploration about how others might experience being silenced, through injustice, speech and communication disabilities, mental health issues, alienation, discrimination, cultural and language barriers, and discover how we might connect and communicate with each other and our environments using methods other than language and words. Exploration is made through various mediums, such as physical expression, dance, art, film, music, photography, and sound. No Word provides platforms for participants and the communities involved to express, communicate and connect their experiences.

No Word is giving voices to the voiceless.

The idea of this project was born from my personal journey with my speech disability and the discrimination and isolation I experienced daily.

Exploration of Connection and Communication through Art @Coed Hills Art Space, St Hilary 2022.

I decided to create a piece of work called The Feedback Loop which is a film installation that takes the viewer on a journey into the internal, external, and environmental world of someone with speech difficulties. I am a member of various online support groups that cover the globe which support people with a particular condition called Spasmodic Dysphonia, this is a condition that affects the neurological pathways from the brain to the vocal cords, making speaking very difficult and sometimes uncomfortable and painful. I requested from the online group members that they send videos and audio recordings, and/or their internal narratives related to their experience with Spasmodic Dysphonia. I was inundated with responses and this helped the film be rich in content and expression. Some famous people that suffer from Spasmodic are Robert Kennedy Jr. Selma Blair and Shania Twain.

If you or someone you know is experiencing Speech Difficulties you can find more information here.

You will find a UK-based Facebook support group here.

The Feedback Loop, Lianne Morgan 2019.


Connection to your environment and community is key to maintaining purpose; it is what makes us human. 

It is challenging to imagine how having difficulties with speaking would impact you, your life, and all the people you care about. The impact it had on every aspect of my life has been devasting, not life-threatening but drastically life-changing. I began to attend sign language classes but unfortunately, my family did not, and soon I began to realise that my social network would become even smaller. There are currently 150,000 people who use British Sign Language as their primary language and in England 0.04% of the population. I found it very difficult to learn BSL. I worried that I would become reliant on this language alone to communicate which would have created a barrier of connection to my family. I continue to communicate using my voice but this causes painful spasms in my throat, breathlessness, and dizziness. Anyone interested in BSL can visit here

Exploration work on Connections ©Lianne Morgan 2020

No Word has been providing sessions for exploration that are open to art practitioners and anyone who experience communication difficulties, silenced through injustice, discrimination, or alienation.

Join us for an exciting event that delves into the fascinating world of non-verbal communication! NO WORD brings together artists from various disciplines to showcase their unique interpretations of this powerful form of expression.

Hosted at various locations and funded by Wales Arts Council this in-person event promises to be a feast for the senses. Immerse yourself in a magical, captivating environment where art, music, and more come together to create a truly unforgettable experience.

Discover how artists use their creativity to convey emotions, thoughts, and ideas without relying on spoken language. Through captivating performances, thought-provoking installations, and interactive exhibits, NO WORD aims to challenge traditional notions of communication.

You will have the opportunity to engage with the artists, participate in further workshops, and let your imagination run wild as you navigate through a world where words are not needed.

Join us at NO WORD and witness the power of non-verbal communication through the eyes of talented artists. Experience a truly unique event that will leave you inspired and eager to explore the limitless possibilities of creative expression.

21st February 2024. Coed Hills Art Space, St Hilary, Cowbridge, CF71 7DP (wheelchair users please note there is gravel part of the way to the venue)

Practitioners :

Musician and Composer, David John Roche PhD Mst BMus,

Fine Artist, Lianne Morgan BA (Hons) MFA

Movement Artist, Dancer and Choreographer, Anushiye Yarnell BA (Hons) MA

26th March 2024. Elysium 210 High Street, Swansea, SA1 1PE (Wheelchair accessibility is through the main bar area)

10am – 12pm Open Call to art practitioners who want to discuss and explore communication and connection through creative mediums.

2pm – 4pm Open to organisations and people who have experienced communication difficulties, silenced through injustice, discrimination, or alienation.

2nd May 2024. Coed Hills Art Space, St Hilary, Cowbridge, CF71 7DP (wheelchair users please note there is gravel part of the way to the venue)

2pm-4pm Performance, open discussion, artistic exploration for art practitioners, people who have experienced communication difficulties, silenced through injustice, discrimination, or alienation and organisations.

Practitioners are:

Fine Artist, Lianne Morgan BA (hons) MFA WEBSITE

Composer/Producer/Bass Player, Jason Charles Rogers 

2.00pm – 3.00pm Musician, and Artist will explore connections and communication to each other and the environment through sound, and movement. This session is open for people to get involved, sketch, dance, vocalise and join in in which ever creative medium feels natural.

3.00pm – 4pm Open Discussions.

To book your place please visit EVENTBRITE

If you or your organisation are interested in becoming involved in this project please contact me at

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Fine Artist, Designer, Musician, BA (hons) MFA. Areas of practice are Sound & Visual Art Installations, Film Making, Sculpture, 3d design, Printmaking & painting.

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