The Gilded Cage, Lianne Morgan 2023.

Lianne Morgan Artist Statement on The Gilded Cage, Contemporary Acrylic Painting on Canvas 60cm x 60cm 1cm width.

This piece is an exploration and a realisation of my consciousness and the, I that creates my identity. It is a realisation of how my consciousness developed boundaries, barriers, beliefs, and fears and how I responded to the social conditioning of my environment that created The Gilded Cage that I existed within.

I began by creating a circle using a very thick chalk paint medium. I poured the paint onto the canvas generously and allowed the environment to create the shape. Allowing the environment to direct the outcome was part of the process and a reflection of my awakening to the external and internal pressure I have experienced in trying to portray, what society says is perfection. Inspiration for the circle was taken from ancient philosophical writings where a circle and a dot is one of the oldest symbols to represent the, I.

I am awakened to being Perfectly Imperfect, and I now hold the keys to The Gilded Cage.


Fine Artist, Designer, Musician, BA (hons) MFA. Areas of practice are Sound & Visual Art Installations, Film Making, Sculpture, 3d design, Printmaking & painting.

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